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4 oz. candle tins. Limied supply.
Now more than ever, it’s important to keep our Faith and Hope renewed for better days to come. With everything that has happened, and so much more to come, the uncertainty of the coming days of recovery keeps everything in a state of constant flux and stress runs high trying to prepare for the unknown. We need more than anything, a quiet place to call our own, where we can relax, unwind, and focus our energies. We need a sanctuary that’s only ours. That’s why many people have taken to creating their own nooks and spaces where they can pray, meditate or just be quiet for a while. Those places are call Prayer Closets, War Rooms, &/or Prayer Rooms. Like our ancestors, these rooms are custom fit to inspire, empower, and renew us when our lives have gone too fast to catch our breath, or when we need to simply break away from the world for a while. They’ve become even more important these days, as the pandemic rages, and finally fades away, and we’re left to pick up the pieces and try to carry on. In my store, these items, and so much more, are specifically designed and created for these special spaces, to inspire you to get out there and try again, to hold on, or simply make you smile.
Go to my store site, and in the categories you’ll find “Grayson House supplies” as well as Daily Prayer Journals, and many other items you can use for whatever or whoever you may need.
For your War Room , Prayer Room or your children’s room! 🕊🕯✨New Handmade soy Candles!🕯Candles come in reusable jars & containers. ✨🕊🌹💐Lightly fragrant with all natural scents! Great for children’s rooms! ( Containers vary according to stock.)  Go to my Facebook page for scent list or   Message me (Andrea’s Store~ Inspired Expressions Gift Shop) on Facebook Messenger for details, scents and questions. *********************************************************************** There’s also a selection of Wall Art for your home, office, church or Prayer rooms. *********************************************************************** Can be used anywhere and perfect for anyone! 🕊 Wonderful for your church ! 🕊 Use them on alters, walls of your Sanctuaries, Class Rooms, Prayer Gardens…. Choose from my Beautiful  Nature Photos of the grottos filled with the Autumn Waters of the Colorado Rocky Mountains, the majestic beauty of an Ocean Sunset or a Rainy Skyscape, and many more scenes, each with their own inspirational message, written and signed by me, Drea Gaines. You’ll find  “ahg”  on all of my original photographs from my own collection and messages written by me. These photos are from my personal collection. Perfect for encouragement, meditation and personal reflection. Great gift for your little ones room too!
***I can now bring you these beautiful prints in high definition  8″x10″ Canvases, on stretched quality canvas,and sold for a much nicer price. The high-quality development is incredibly sharp and the resolution is stunning! I think you all will be very pleased! see store site for details. theinspiredexpressions.com .
Message “Quietly”  written by me, Andrea Gaines. Photo property of, Andrea Gaines.,from private collection.
Store site:   theinspiredexpressions.com Here is a selection of items for all faiths. We have Prayer beads ( 33+1 Tasbi) made of hand blown purple glass, beautiful  Star of David pendants, and Star Flower pendants too! I believe everyone prays, and everyone needs something to help them focus from time to time. There will be many items shown here that are for focus, meditation, prayers, and war rooms. Prices vary. Go to the store site for all the details, prices and to order!! theinspiredexpressions.com I also have an assortment of natural stone pendants, wrapped with either copper or brass. Each one is unique and ready for your own ribbon, chain or cord. Left: Imperial Jasper. Deep Green & brass wrap. Pictures don’t do it justice. deep deep green w/ black marbling. Right: Fire Orange crystals on to of Pure Golden Citrine nugget w/ brass wrap. Gorgeous! Great for guys and gals and kids too!! There’s so much more in stock in my store! Come check it out today! if you have questions, comments, or need delivery details for local delivery, Message me , under “Andrea’s Store~ Inspired Expressions Gift Shop” on Facebook Messenger. You can also get details on custom orders, special sales and sneak peeks of items that are not in the store yet! Please feel free to a leave me comment or question. I’ll be happy to respond !

Hope to hear from you soon! Be Blessed! Drea.